Thursday, September 01, 2005

Stay the course

How can our government blame our own citizens for staying the course--when staying the course has been the whole argument about keeping our troops in Iraq. The real heroes are the ones who stayed. These colors don't run. (via atrios) Fucking-ass hypocrites.

I've been re-watching The Office. It's a lot less funny the second time around. Maybe it's because I work in an office now. But I'm basically realizing that the genius of it is that it's a tragicomedy. Which is funny, because tragicomedy is a funny word. It's such a flipping great show. It's not as good as Cassavettes. But it is pretty damn great.

It's one of those things. The super-cyber hacker I know and her fiance play sad songs; they played a great new song about a birdfeeder and a guy who shoots at the birds and we all laughed at it. Afterwards she explained to me, bitterly perplexed, it's not a funny song!

That's comedy. We laugh at it because it isn't funny.

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