Friday, September 02, 2005

Look dude, uh

First of all, keep in mind, these are AMERICAN deaths. Via Cursor. (The Corner is a rightwing supersite, just in case you didn't know.) These aren't some rattly-tattly backwater, wushy-gushy types in some godforesaken sewage, nuclear fallout radioactive zone. These are honest-to-god folks; hardworking; plainspeaking; McDonald's eating Walmart shopping, er, folks.

Secondly, because Katrina was an act of G-d, or chaos, and therefore unpredictable, Bush's blundering of the aftermath is his own damn fault.

But in the case of 9-11, wherewith the president in question and/or his staff had been forewarned with regards to terrorist attacks, including those involving planes smashing into buildings, he is not at fault, and therefore is entitled to do whatever he wants.

This includes making up data to engage into warfare with whatever country he and his backers wish to do so with. And when he makes a blunder of these self-indulgences and further indangers his own country with said self-indulgences then we must keep in mind that he is not accountable and not responsible and there is no need for any explanation for his actions. Ipso facto, ergo, ie..Afghanistan, Iraqistan, Pakistan, Iranistan--been there done that...NEXT!

It's good that we have a balance in this country. That we liberals and conservatives keep each other in check. It is unfortunate that it took a tragic Hurricane to illuminated the whole matter for me. I don't know about you. (Lord knows GW has, forthcoming, a bit of hard work.)

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