Monday, September 05, 2005

A&S World Travelling Correspondant Reports From The Eye of the Storm!

In case you are bored you can check out how I am doing...As you can see one big ass Typhoon with an eye only a mother could love is heading straight on towards my village in south western Ehime. I will not make light of the situation because last year we were hit with 8 and families lost their homes and thier were mud slides (here and in other villages --we didn't get the mudslides, thank goodness --I live at the bottom of the mountains.) But over the last year I have fallen in love with this state of the art technology. As part of the Angry and Sloopy community I thought I would share with you Typhoon number 13 (they don't give them names here.) who looks to be as mean and nasty as the blog you wrote last month when you arrived home drunk after winning 3 fights and losing all your money at the Yonkers race track--as well as your can up date it and refresh it and give it a name if you like. But check out the eye of this storm. It's huge....I have never seen anything like it....K

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