Thursday, September 01, 2005

Angry and Sloppy's World Travelling Correspondent

Correspondent K-man X has dropped me a note. I thought I'd share it with the internet community. The drummer he is referring to is a guy named Ali the Juma. Also known as Juma Sutan. He's a percussionist who specializes in African Percussion (he studied in Senegal.) Back in the sixties he played with everybody, Coltrane, Sun Ra, Ornette Coleman, but mostly with Archie Shepp, I believe. Anyhow, Ali is the computer tech person in my office. He set up the network in our office, and he troubleshoots things when they go wrong. But I always ask him about the old days. And, oh yes, the connection between Ali/Juma and K-man X is as follows: Ali/Juma played with Barry Altshcul, a genius avant-garde drummer (the first white man to play on blue note, apparently) and K-man X took some drum lessons from Barry back in our MFA days at Sarah Lawrence. The official reporter/corresponder of Angry and Sloppy, K-man X, has been doing some research on Kinski, Juma and the Japanese coast, so I'd thought I share. I fixed some of the spelling errors, except Speilberg, just to emphasize that although K-man X is not a very angry person, he is sloppy. And his travels on foot would be approved of by A&S patron saint Herzog...

Hi Dan,
I loved that Kinski page. I have been listening to alot of Sam Rivers
and have been pretty bored so I have been researching, on the net of
course, his history...check out this quote....

August, 1969 ?
Woodstock, NY
Jeff Evangelista, Jimi Hendrix researcher/archivist, correspondence
02.04.18 and 02.05.26:
"Sam has mentioned in interviews that Alan Douglas set up a jam with
him and Jimi at the Woodstock retreat house (Jimi's rented house), and
they had a play. Your session dates helped tremendously because I think
I have narrowed the time-frame down to August 1969. From your notes, it
looks like Sam was in Europe (Poland etc.) for most of the autumn of
1969. And he played in France with Cecil Taylor in late July. Jimi [was
in] Morocco... July 30 through Aug, ...and was at the retreat for most
of August. Of course Woodstock was held Aug 18.

...Anything that might rule out this time-frame? Do you know anything
more about this supposed jam between the two musicians? ...We do have
quite a bit of tapes from this "Woodstock rehearsal" period, but
nothing I can identify with Sam. Jimi was definitely experimenting with
playing with Free Jazz'ers at this time though, as we can hear from the
house tapes and tapes recorded at the Tinker Street Cinema with Earl
Cross on trumpet......"

Was this the gig where your man Puma and Barry played with
Jimi....SHIT...was SAM Rivers there, too. I had no idea that JImi was
definitely eprimenting playing free jazz...I guess I thought that Barry
was rocking out with Foxy LAdy and shit like that!! Guess I was
wrong...dammm.....I wonder what those tapes, if they exist sound
like......this site is kind of crazy... too much info at times and too
little when you want it---but if your bored and if your fans are into
Sam you can post this or just play around with it....there are some
good reviews that are interesting. If anything this is a great snippet
of Jazz history which isn't talked about much....these fans are

sorry about the bold italics...don't know what happened or how to
change it. I found out through various sites that Speilberg didn't
offer Kinski enough money!!! A poor excuse though. But his quotes of
Speilberg are surprisingly polite calling him one of America's greatest
directors. I guess he was hoping for a role in one of the sequels!!!

Hope you are well. Thanks for the offer of books. I would love just
one book if you want to send it....something that would change my
perspective of life, n'shit... I am spending most of time studying
though and feel as though I am through with fiction!! Don't know why.
The last book I read was Blindness by Saramago which I thought was
amazing, and considering what's going on along the Gulf Coast-- I dare
say prophetic... But I also keep next to my bed the Secrect
Sharer...MAN, I can read that over and over and over again and never
get bored....besides that I have been reading some meditation books! I
feel as though I am about to enter a great period of silence, if I
havn't already!! Country living you know; nothing but nature. Every day
last week, since I have been let out of work at noon (classes begn
tomorrow) I went snorkling. The coral reefs here lure some amazing
fish. Some are ugly in that nightmare kind of way while others are
bright yellow and blue. The Jelly fish make it seem as if I'm floating
in a galaxy made of dead stars. But the suckers sting! I have also
taken on an alter ego called Cat Man. After snorkling I go home and nap
for 30 minutes and then go back out and jump the rocky coast line from
rock to rock for about 45 minutes until I reach a magical rock that is
about 10 feet high and lurches over the sea. I walk to it's top and
look out feeling the wind. Then I'll just sit for about 15 minutes and
put those Buddhist books of mine to good use! Afterwards I make the
jump back home. I feel like Jackie Chan. I had to conquor the rocks.
When I first came accross this part of the coast I thougt it was
impossible to explore it because of all the boulders then I decided to
take it on like a challenge. I found a beach that no one goes to (about
10 minutes from the magical rock-buit I have to scale a giant boulder
to get there) and there is one more virgin bech that I found but is
impossible to get to. I have to scale more giant boulders just to see
it but it's to steep to climb down the other side. It's beautifully
isolated and all the better if humans can't get to it. There are still
someplaces on Earth where we can't get to--or don't belong. And the
site of such places makes this whole chapter of mine worth

Hope you are well. Love and blessings, K

We all miss the K-man. Anyone have any suggestions with regarding to what book or books we might send him?


error said...

send him mt. analogue, it's about the magic boulder.

sarcasmus said...

Good idea.

nanana said...

...or the Alchemist by
Coehelo. About a journey....