Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Arguments about art

When I was in Spain, I cut this out of the International Herald-Tribune a week before the Papa passed away. It is probably my favorite clipping of all time. I sent a photocopy of it to a famous writer with whom I am in occasional correspondance. I told him, I've enclosed a photograph of the pope a week before his death--it's kind of like a Francis Bacon painting. His response?

It's a lot better than any Francis Bacon he's ever seen. He said it summed up his opinion about Bacon: "You've seen one screaming Pope, you've seen them all."

When I get internet set-up at home again I'll post the exact wording of his letter. It's priceless.

(I think if you click on the photo it'll enlarge!)


Anonymous said...

Ooh. It looks like he's taking a pope.

sarcasmus said...

Um. Yeah. Exactly.