Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Add Distortion and Reverb to Your Life Today!

I went to the Chinatown Tea Shop today. I went there with the intention to write. Write, I did. But it isn't a great place to write. It's far too interesting. Starbucks is a better place to write because it won't be interesting, and there won't be anybody interesting there, except pretty girls who buy iced lattes. But why would I be interested in anybody who gets Starbucks, particularly Iced Lattes? But who the hell am I to judge? I'd be in there too. But I don't do Starbucks generally. Even though I wrote most of my first attempted novel in Starbucks. But that was in Seattle. You can't escape it in Seattle. Starbucks is a patch on the Seattle-cultural quilt. Like the Spoonman and the Space Needle. (The former should be lauded, the latter explauded.)

Anyhow, I shouldn't go to the Chinatown teashop to write. I should go there to think. I should go there with people. So if anyone's interested in meeting me at the chinatown tea shop, let me know. La Vie de Boheme, c'est vrai.

I could sublet my room and live in coffee shops. I don't know wherefrom my income would originate. But I'd have no address so nobody could bill me. Matti Pellonpaa lived that way. Of course, Matti Pellonpaa died that way. I don't think I'm strong enough for that kind of life.


Henry Rollins said...

My famous book, Black Coffee Blues, was written in a Starbuck's. I wouldn't be a "Liar" if I said they make a great cup of joe.

Anonymous said...

Matti Pellonpa was my nana's cousin. What are you trying to say in that third paragraph?

sarcasmus said...

You are related to Matti Pellonpa!!! He's one of my favorite actors of all time! I don't know when you wrote this! email me at tarkka at gmail dot com! I want to make a movie about him if I can!