Monday, August 01, 2005

Explanations of Darkness

The ever-emerging and festering and suppurating of evangelical fundamentalist wackoism is indeed a scary thing. But within the mythos there are some beautiful ideas--there is a beauty to religion and the arguments therein that science and post-structuralism can never touch. This page is a treasure trove of creationist rationale that beats the hell out of clam-fed scientology craziness. There is so much to love. For instance, how do creationist explain stars? The fact that the universe is only a dozen thousand years old, or whatever they say, and so how do scientific-creationists explain light from stars millions of lightyears away? It's also interesting to note that the explanations aren't all from Christians too. (You mean there are wacky religio-Jews too? Who would've known!)

Best line:

Like Billy Graham, Morris seems to think that UFOs are actually angels -- evil angels.

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