Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Temple, Crucifix, Cyclebear, knife.

I'm searching for clip art because I have to make flyers and things. There is some strange assemblages out there. This page has four images, and it is either the most arbitrary assemblage of images or least arbitrary images I have ever seen. The referring page is a poem:

Flowers. Apple. Flowers in a vase. Pumpkin. Maple Leaf. Flowers and Herbs. Christmas Tree.

Bear, Cabin, Swords, Eight Ball.
Barn, Cabins.
Trade Towers, body builders, Clown.
Flowers, Pestal, Stallion.
Sorcerer, Rubber Duck, Salesguy, buoy.
Mans face, Dog, People, stapler.
Lion, Polar Bear, Stop Sign, Glasses.
Buffalo, Bull, Elephant, dancers, lightbulb.
Doghouse, Presents, Mailbox, Vietcong.
House, Spider, Apple, Texas, Matrioshka.
House, Barn, Mother & Baby.
Eagle, Wolf, Rose,Corvette.
Temple, Crucifix, Cyclebear, knife.
Checkered Flag, Hat, Car, Truck, School house.
Tent, Wizard, Wolf, Superman Emblem.
Motorcycle, Deer, Duck.
Dogs Meeting, People Meeting, Baseball catcher.
Unicorn, Scales, Lady of Justice.
Hawker Hurricane Airplane, Chicken, Duck.
Greatful Dead Dancing Bears, Rocket.
Maid, Bear, Flowers, Key.
Uncle Sam, U.S. Seal, Soda can, hammer.
Battle Axe, Lab puppy, pendant, potpourri.
Dragons, Anime Girl.
Valentlines, Crown
Marilyn Monroe, Doll, Fat Guy.
Desk, Chair, Mouse.
Bed, Bookcase, Toy box.
Lighthouse, Sail Ship, screwdriver, coffee cup
Tyrannosaurus Rex, Guy on a couch, CD.
Warrior. Dragon, Bombs, Missile.
Teapot, Pencil, School Bus.
Mexican Man & Woman, candle, Tow Truck.
Ballerina, Golfer, Yoda.
Pumpkin, Jack O Lantern, Ghost, Frankenstien, Witch.
Harley Davidson Fat Boy, New York State.
Roman Chariot, Wizard.
Horse, Chef, Tiger.
Champagne, Glass & Cork, Kachina.
Champagne Bottle, Baby New Year.
Father Time, Beethoven.
Piano, Candleabra, Giraffe.
Musical Notes, Satan.
Man's Face, Hearts, kittens.
Superman, Eagle, Roger Ramjet.
Bathtub, Maple Leaf, Cowboy.
Pot of Gold, Batman vs. Superman, Tanks.
Thumbs up, spacestation.
Men's Faces, James Dean, Clark Gable.
Flowers and Herbs, Underdog.
Fish, skate, DodgeRam.
Easter graphics, Rabbit, Baby Chick, Pig.
Spiderman, Fisherman, Bullet Holes, Motorcycle.
Knight, Native on Horseback.
Kangaroo, Whale, Seahorse.
Evil Clowns, Waiter.
barn, hillbilly, outhouse.
phone, jacks, girl.
shopper, vampire, turtle heads.
female warrior, King, Semi, House.
Santa, Christmas Tree, candy canes, Elf.
Womens Faces, Women.
Butterflies, Fish, Elvis.
Rocky, Bullwinkle, Boris, Natasha.
Teddy Bears, Clown, Wizard.
Girl,Betty Boop.
Zodiac Symbols.
Indian on Horseback.
Classic Car, Coach/wagon.

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K said...

I think I remember someone reading the same list at a poetry slam event. Someone cried when the words "evil clown, waiter" were read aloud. And while the phrase "barn, hillbilly, outhouse" struck an emotional chord for many I must admit that "Musical notes, Satan" brought back all those wonderful childhood memories of the parents I never knew who tried to sue Ozzy Ozborne over the evil intent of his lyrics.
.....Keep up the good work........K