Sunday, August 28, 2005

One last slop

I'm reading Gould's Book of Fish; it's really good. But I just received a bunch of books I ordered for myself as an early birthday present--mostly Thomas Bernhard. One of them is a book of 101 very short pieces of fiction. They are very weird. Bernhard usually writes pretty short books, but they are usually one long paragraph that doesn't end until you get to the last page. They're sitting there, all intriguing me and such, and I'm totally torn. How to mete out the last dregs of my working-life weekend. And it'll end that I read just a few pages of each and then conk-out.

Never forget.

I'm blogging too much. Life. I need more life! Less blog!


Anonymous said...

Kinski was offered a role in Raiders of the Lost Ark??? (see Kinski quotes on that great link)....did he turn it down or scare Speilberg into not hiring him?......Maybe he wanted Harrison Ford's role and not the role of the Nazi bad guy! There has to be a great story of Speilberg and Kinski meeting somewhere...
Big D, A.K.A Mr. Angry and Sloppysan, can you enlighten your readers on this subject.....Thanks, K

sarcasmus said...

That's what Kinski claims in his biography. But as Herzog says, "As Kinski says in his biography, which I might add is highly fictitious..."

Do you need more books? I'll send you Kinski's bio if you want.