Sunday, August 21, 2005

Relative Insanity

I had a crazy weekend in Santa Barbara. It was great to see all the relatives. But there were many surreal moments. I don't even know where to start. I can't start. I can't write about it. These people are crazy. And I was one of them. I was acting crazy. Crazy crazy crazy crazy.

Anyhow, I noticed that I'm getting a lot of blog spam lately, and I wonder if that means more people are reading the blog, or the blog spammers are just becoming more productive. I don't care about it right now. I have only one life to live and it's not worth increasing my blood pressure about a couple of pointless comments on my blog. It's all pointless (though some is more real than others.)

Also, the blogger toolbar/dashboard has a "flag" for content now. Sitting on the plane today--I flew a United flight from Denver to La Guardia (It was just a layover in Denver, no time to see mom, though I called her)--and I was determined not to watch the stupid movie (it was "Monster In-Law") but I finished reading my book halfway through the flight. So I put on the headphones and trawled the audio streams on the United Radio. I listened to a nice little MOzart Piano concerto movement, and then they played some crappy James Galway pennywhistle theme by Henri Mancini. From Mozart to Mancini? Geesh. So I switched stations, and I heard some piece of crap pop, some piece crap pop country, some piece of crap nu-metal hard rock, and then another station was playing some old jazz. It was a good tune. I don't know who the players were, I thought maybe it was Art Blakey, but I really have no idea. But it was good. Then when the song stopped some lite jazz song started playing. I clicked the channel after about three seconds and listened to the talk radio--it was some show about computers and the guy was talking about spyware and popup blockers and I thought it was informative and distracting until I realized it was a freaking INFOMERCIAL. After the movie there was an NBC "In-flight News" program that basically was an hour long commercial for NBC's latest TV shows. I wanted to PUKE. And I thought, what I wouldn't give to get on the INTERNET. Because I can go wherever I want on the internet. I still have to see stupid pop culture ads on the sidebars and whatnot. But I can click away or whatever. If the corporations had their way we'd have corporate logos inscribed on the backside of our eyeballs so we'd be looking at advertising even when we closed our eyes. No Exit. So flag me for inappropriate content. I'm sure I've said something offensive. Or now I will:

Google sucks.

Google sucks.

Google execs can lick my ass.

Any day now The Church of Scientology will merge with Google. (No offense to scientologists. We expect YOU GUYS to be parasitical.)


nanana said...

what did google do?
Scientology I understand, as well as many of your other diatribes... but google? Or you just ranting against monopolies, success, large amounts of money and big business?

sarcasmus said...

Google owns blogger.