Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Had you checked my entry as of late? It's filling up with tasty details.

Or perhaps I should ask, have you check yours?

What's that you say. Oh, you don't have one. Hmmmmm. How curious.


sarcasmus said...

Yeah. I notice that it may be deleted because of lack of 'notability'---as they phrase it.

Laogzed said...

Um. Yes, I noticed that as well. There's an unfortunate human bias at wikipedia. But despite the threats, my page has been expanding substantially over the past half year.

sarcasmus said...

Also, upon closer inspection, I notice that many of the details don't quite match with what you've been telling us. What's this about how you eat everything and that they're not even sure about your gender--not that I care--but I was just wondering how you account for the discrepancies.

Laogzed said...

Yes. They clearly are taking it from some odd human perspective; they haven't a clue. And perhaps that accounts for this ridiculous notion of the god of the troglodytes not being suitably 'notable' for wikipedia. There are downsides to these types of websites. On the troglodyte internet, my encyclopedic entry is only portal page. But I'm too busy to talk about these matters. Perhaps you should be using this time to be making your own self 'notable.' Hehe.