Saturday, February 02, 2008

Dark skies, muddy hands

Only five days to the Chinese New Years. Meanwhile, my horoscope tells me (I'm a Wood Tiger):

Certain natives of the sign will have to fear for the security of their jobs or can be compelled to forgo their professional responsibilities for health reasons. Your psychic state will probably leave much to be desired. You'll feel that your head is empty, or on the contrary full of ideas which will jostle one another so much that they'll blur your judgment. If you entrust other people with certain works, don't be totally confident in them; take care to verify what's been achieved; in this way you'll prevent many problems.

I must be vigilant. I don't want to be fired before I've even started the job. Well, I've started it, actually. I'm up now, drinking Chai and grading papers.

Here are some of my penitent Youtube videos:

Can't go wrong with Gonzo serenading a Chicken:

Now that we're warmed up, let's add a little Beaker to our youtube traipse.

We're really cooking now. (Incidentally, I wondered if this planted the seed for my only published story.) Peter Sellers:

Here's the best, a short film that Henson made in 1965.

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