Monday, February 04, 2008

A Possible Truce Between The Radical Right and The Radical Left

My modest proposal is that we stop calling each other fascists. The left should call the radical right Capitalists, and the right should go back to calling us Commies. Not communists or pinkos, but Commies.

I don't have a better term than Capitalist; but in my book that's harsh enough. It suggests a mercenary, social-darwinist point of view of the universe, and that's what every commie should be against. And it's a name that isn't offensive or loaded with the political-meaning of "fascist." They should be happy with that term; and then I can counter their entire existence (except for Christopher Hitchens) with this simple phrase: Jesus was not a capitalist.

Of course, food for thought: Kligson wasn't a capitalist either.

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