Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My regards and interactions to The Ron Paul Post

So, I was highly amused by those Ron paul quotes that sloppy gave us a few days ago. Amused because I have seen all these gen y-ers around town with their stenciled "ron paul 2008" signs hastily taped to light posts and highway signs and what not. A real grassroots campaign!

I was amused, like I said, so I decided to repost that post on myspace. Then I realized that Ron Paul was one of the few Presidential candidates that was not my "friend." So, I requested it. And he immediately responded. We are now "friends."

So, because I'm a very good "friend" and because I'm also a very part time internet rabble-rouser, I decided to send him that post. Again, almost immediately I got a response:

Nov 21, 2007 10:06 AM
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RE: Request to Approve Comment

show me the videos or the original letters in Ron Paul's own writing that this came from. I bet my life savings that you cannot. The sources were congressional opponents who made them up in a smear campaign.

Greg Chamberlain
MySpace Moderator for Ron Paul

Wow! The system works! So, my question is, what next? Should I give him those source sites, forget it, insult him, what?

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Anonymous said...

give him the source citations!!!