Monday, November 12, 2007

Global Warming

According to this lady:

You want to know something; one person that will remain nameless had the nerve to state that we need to get serious about population control. He even stated that we need a reduction of the population in order to control global warming. The figures he used were that the earth could only sustain about one billion and we have over six billion. He feels that a study is needed. I can bet by his opinion of population control that he believes in abortion and euthanasia. I wonder what age the genocide would have to start to satisfy this global warming radical.

The nerve of this person. How dare this person suggest we study the effects of overpopulation! All I was doing was a modest internet search about the effect of volcanic gases on global warming and I was schocked out of my gourd to discover that there are people who are concerned about numbers of people on this planet! And, because it logically follows, this person who believes in Universal Holocaust also believes in abortion and believes in euthanasia. I don't know who wrote the Bible on Abortion, but I hope they are frying in Hell!

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