Thursday, November 08, 2007

Flight of the Navigator: Redux

The other night, my wife and I caught Flight of the Navigator on the Hall mark Channel. I loved this movie when I was kid. Sure now, it's dated, but in a good way. And from a screenplay perspective it is incredibly well structured, if not insipid.

So, here's the kid fromt he movie, in 1996, the only current picture I could find on the web:

And Howard Hesseman was in the film too. I always thought he'd make a good Dad, at least in a sitcom.

I would've added links, but my computer doesn't seem to be liking blogger at the, soon...

Anyways, I enjoyed it. It's nice to get 80s nostalgia once in awhile....

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sarcasmus said...

I could've written that movie! Hire me, Hollywood!