Saturday, November 17, 2007

Mike Jones

I was watching the BET tonight and caught end of Mike Jones' movie The American Dream. It starred Mike Jones and it had Mike Jones music--Mike Jones is a rapper/producer from Texas and constantly reminds you he is Mike Jones. The movie didn't make sense, but I only saw the last 45 minutes. I couldn't ruin it if I tried. But Mike Jones gets a contract for his music and drinks Champagne with his lawyer and the Mike Jones crew. Mike Jones' grandmother died, and his girlfriend got beat up by Mike Jones' nemesis, other rapper guy with funny teeth. Then Mike Jones appears to get revenge by killing them. But you only see them shooting--you don't see if the nemesis and his buddy got shot--even though Mike Jones and his crew were firing at point-blank. Then it cuts to Mike Jones talking to Mike Jones' Lawyer. Then you see a woman in another scene killing Mike Jones' nemesis. She had stopped by the side of the road (there appears to be only one road in Houston) and she flirtatiously beckons them to help her with her car that is ostensibly broken down. Then when kneel over to look at the inner workings of her vehicle she shoots them both in the back with a gun. So Mike Jones' nemesis got killed twice. Don't mess with Mike Jones. So Mike Jones ends up with all his money and his platinum jewelry and a hummer bursting with gleaming rims so don't tell Mike Jones that there's no such thing as dreams turning into reality. Can't blame him. If my name was Mike Jones, I'd say it all the time, and be famous too. There's something totally solid and providential about that name, Mike Jones. Even in the hip-hop world, usually you could get away with saying your name once a song, if not once an album. But, somehow, the name Mike Jones is asking to be spoken over and over. It is such a mundane name; in the sense that Shakespeare wrote in a mundane language. Mike Jones. Mike Jones. Mike Jones. Most of his songs begin with him introducing himself, utilizing both his Christian and given Surname; In addition, in many a Mike Jones track the chorus is simply a mantric "Mike Jones, Mike Jones, Mike Jones." He also likes to give out his cellphone number. I'll have to call it sometime. I want to call it and have him answer "Mike Jones." Then I'd hang it up. The next day, I'd call it again just to hear him say it, "Mike Jones," again. And then maybe I'd say, is this Mike Jones? Yeah, he'd say, this is Mike Jones. Really? The Mike Jones. That's right. Mike Jones, he'd say. Oh! I have been made aware that there is another Mike Jones movie. I am sure that it is also about Mike Jones' life. Mike Jones.

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