Sunday, September 09, 2007

Welcome back SAC.

Hello fellow sloppers. It's good to be back...

It's been a long time, and as D knows I have been trapped in temp hell where the cubicles have no names and the complaints from callers who have had to succumb to a worse hell than myself after 15 minutes on hold listening to muzak of Herb Albert tunes never end.

As we all know Haiti has been invaded by UFOs and since I have been temping, my own investigation of transgalactic voyages has been disrupted by own needs to make a buck. Something has to give. Either all space voyages will have to cease or I have to find a real job that gives me the time I need further my investigations that have been swimming around the underground.

Rumor #1- A report from Sweden has indicated that human cloning has taking a new step by collecting human hair samples from famous 20th century figures. According to the clone specialist Yarg Boorgstein, "the 21st century, because of its suppression of the arts and endless funding of wars, horrible television comercials, and dependency on cell phones ,which suppresses human memory strength, will be unable to support the needs of genius' as we have in the past."

It should come as no surprise then that numerous graves have already been razed because of the lack of DNA found on donated clothing by fans wishing to see their idols perform once again.

Rumored clones have been Starlet Gretta Garbo, and one lesser known actor by the name of Klaus Kinski.

The Kinski clone-KK9873 has been nothing but trouble. As Yarg reported, the Kinski clone has already attempted to sleep with an underage Garbo and has wooed several nuns who oppose the experiments but can't seem to keep themselves away from labs. As result KK9873 (kinski) has had to be isolated in his own room under 24 hour supervision.

Rumor #2

From the halls of Washington it is rumored that an Alien ship could be used in Bush's next surge attempt in the middle east. Perhaps there will be more on this later.

In other news, the latest edition of English text books for Jr. High kids in Japan have chosen a very interesting character to scare kids into learning English...Is this right? Would you read his book? Millions in an unnamed pre-WWII country did...

Welcome back to America D. It's good to have you back...

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sarcasmus said...

K! Great to have you back too! Although I think you've given my subconscious food for 7 different nightmares tonights.