Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Degradation of a Genius: Rutger Hauer

It might as well be known, that I, Laogzed, god of the troglodytes, have an interest in film outside the Jodorowsky. And when a god has an interest in film, you should take notice. Film is fantasy, but, when used properly, it is visceral and can change lives (I'm thinking specifically of Kubrick's Spartacus.) Therefore, it with great sorrow that I report to the readers of A&S that my favorite line from any Hollywood ever. Let it be known:

And now, for the bad news. (I'm full of it, and being chaotic evil, I have mixed feelings about spreading bad news--but refuse to get philosophical about it.) There is going to be a re-release of Ridley Scott's Blade Runner: The Director's Cut. And they've done some cosmetic work on it, which apparently isn't as invasive and shitty as the Lucas Makeover. But, however, they redid some dialogue, and now Rutger Hauer's classic line has been changed from "Give me more life, fucker," to, get this:

"Give me more life, father."


I'm not calling a fatwa--that's not my style, I'm not that kind of god. (Well, I am, but not on something this petty.) But it has made me more cynical, and now I have more cause for hesitation. My faith has been misplaced. Luckily my troglodyte psychiatrist has upped my dosage of troglodyte prozac. (Par-boiled pretty little girls.)

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