Monday, April 02, 2007


Why I will never go to the races again. This is crazy. Crazy enough to make me angry. Who would create such a device? To shoot darts from underneath some harmless horses for financial gain is just sick and wrong. This is mystery worth solving. I smell a good movie here. If you know something about this incident I suggest you contact the local Honk Kong authorities at once.

In other news-- I was surfing the net and found this wonderful Crop Circle from 1996. The crop circle appeared one night in the British countryside around the same time I was hitching around England. I was in Glastonbury at the time (the Heart Chakra of the world, some claim. Others say it was the birth place of Christianity and it is also known as the famed Isle of Avalon where Excalibur appeared from its waters. Oh, the holy grail is supposed to be buried there as well.) and when word got out a "magical crop circle unlike any that have come before" I decided I had to see it. I hitched out to the crop circle and when I arrived there was man from the Royal Air force there dong "survey work" Or so he said. When I began to ask him questions about the circle he took off. I then realized I had no way home and spent the night in the circle with a fellow hitcher. The other hiker played a didge and I had some some small drum and we jammed all night, digging the celestial energy that was all around. Other people appeared throughout the night, creeping out of the stalks like monsters. One woman claimed she had seen a UFO over the area the night before.

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