Thursday, April 19, 2007

Chico's Sloppy Piano Playing

He's not sloppy. But his technique is not good. When I was studying piano seriously in the university one of my piano teachers told me that if I didn't relearn how to play the piano I might have physical problems with my arms later in life. Well, I didn't really relearn how to play the piano, I just kind of quit. But I have had many problems with my arms since.

But maybe's that's because I wasn't using the horseshoes properly.


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!! It's amazing, the older I get the more I love them more.

Did I ever tell you my Groucho Marx stories???


sarcasmus said...

You have groucho marx stories? Can you post them??

Anonymous said...

Thats funny im self taught and suck but its all good. Rock n roll!!!!!