Monday, April 23, 2007

Being Sean Penn's Son

Last night I had separate dreams with Sean Penn and Stephen Colbert accordingly. The one with Colbert was a little strange. He was naked, but he had had his genitals removed in the name of Patriotism.

But my dream with Sean Penn was really cool. I don't quite remember all of it. But he was acting like he was my dad. I mean not like my actual dad. But anyhow he was pretending to be my dad. Or maybe he was my dad. He was acting real tough like in "Mystic River." At one point he takes me by the scruff of the neck and in barely contained, histrionic, outraged way: "Dan, do you appreciate a good rhythm?"

"What do you mean appreciate?" I asked.

"I'm talking about your life, man!"

And then we laughed and he let me go. "That's a good line," I said. "Yeah, it is," he said. I had to go write it down. And he kept on saying more good lines, and I wrote them all down. But I wrote them down in my dream, not in real life. So they are lost.

But if somebody steals this line, I'm gonna sue them. So I'll take a timestamped picture of this web post.

Wish I could remember the rest of the dream. Wish I could forget the one with Colbert.

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