Tuesday, May 02, 2006

That's Incredible! (Incredible Fascism!)

Okay, so my new year's resolution was to stop calling people fascists. I haven't entirely succeeded yet. But I was watching the Neo-National Socialist Propaganda film The Incredibles and it just sputtered out on me. Probably because the machine that made it was impure, and would have ended up in the scrapheap if it wasn't for our communistic welfare state that propped its shoddy ass up.

Okay, seriously. I was enjoying The Incredibles but then it stopped working. The sounds in the movie were really cool. Right before the digital impurities started encroaching upon the entertainment that I was feeding on I was actually NOT thinking that God I wish I was watching a Werner Herzog or Kurosawa film instead. For a few seconds. And that says a lot. Especially for Neo-National Socialist Propaganda.

Please note that I say Neo-National Socialist, not Fascist! Is there a difference? Only to the fascists!

(Sorry! I swear I'll cut the habit by 2007. But seriously. I don't know how the movie ends, but it kept on saying "If everybody is special, then nobody is special." I liked the part where the big perfect blonde guy kicks the ass of the short dark-haired anemic type--only because. Also, the perfect skin reminded me of no less than the flayed factory workers so elegantly presented at The Body Worlds exhibit.)

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