Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The British Tea Party

Was listening to NPR, and according to the Rand Corporation, white Brits are about twice as healthy white United Statesians, ie., heart disease, diabetes, cancer rates etc. The researcher, with a paper in The New England Journal of Medicine, I believe, said there was nothing conclusive. He said he liked that--too often papers have conclusions. It was kind of a strange statement. But what I think he was trying to say was that the descrepancy was an astounding, mysterious find. According to the researcher our obesity levels are much higher, and their drinking levels are much higher. Hmmm. Why do you think the Brits are so much healthier?

Maybe it's because they have real, fresh beer?

And they drinks lots of really good tea?

Oh yeah...maybe that obesity thing has something to do with it too. But what do I look like, a genius?

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