Saturday, May 06, 2006

Lyndon LaRouche was almost right

Hacker discovers the UFO cover-up.


Anonymous said...

Cheers to the BBC for sharing what will proably be his last words before ending up in a cell with some innocent sheep herder from Pakistan, in Guatanamo. We'll never hear from him again.....our tax dollars at work..

sarcasmus said...

No you're getting confused. Republicans hate illegal aliens, not aliens. Oh wait, maybe I'm getting confused. I guess it depends on how cheap the aliens are willing to work for.

Jonathannnnnn said...

Wait, this guy spent 2 years in NASA's system and all he found was a crappy photo in a folder labeled "raw," which by the way is how all photographers label their photos before they res them down for general use?

By the way, Hi Dan!

sarcasmus said...

Hey J-bo!

Back in my old neighborhood, the cigarettes taste so good, but I feel so misunderstood.