Monday, December 20, 2004

Boy I'll tell you what.

Don't miss your flight. I got to JFK too late tonight. I had to come back to Queens. Now I gotta go back around 2am tonight to catch a flight at 7:00am.

The first lady gave me a lecture about getting too late. What was I doing getting to the desk forty minutes before the flight? I refused to answer her. I was late--I wasn't getting hysterical, why must she? She said there was nothing I could do. It was Christmas--there were no more flights. But I got back in line and talked to another lady who was much more helpful and friendly and she booked me a new flight.

If I can blog tomorrow night, I will. Because I will be so incredibly fucked-up with sleep deprivation.

I hate this blog entry. I will never do another like this. I swear.

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