Thursday, December 16, 2004

I don't remember what I was going to blog about

Oh yes. How could I forget? (Except for the fact that I'm on my fourth beer...) I am very angry. Very angry about the political situation. I was reading political blogs before I knew what a goddamn blog was. I can't stop reading Atrios, for instance. I feel so stupid sitting here typing away into ether nothingness. But it is better than just reading, I guess. I wish Kerry was president. Even if Cheney's assassination task force was all set to take him out. Some manchurian Oswald type all ready to kill the New England Grin. I am filled with some sort of despair, the despair of not knowing how they would have TAKEN DOWN Kerry. If only Bush had lost, then instead of plotting the world's doom, they would have just figured out more ways of besmirching Democrats. But now the world is doomed. At least in the immediate future. And what a coincidence! The rest of my lifespan happens to occur in the immediate future! Hence my anger! (What an egoist I am! What a fucking jerk! Meta-jerk at that!)

A thing about hawks. Hawks in NY. There's been stories on the news about hawks being kicked out of their snazzy perches. I don't know in their upper west or east what have you's. Anyhow, these birds were being kicked out of their whatevers. Hell, this is the great thing about blogs, you don't ARTICULATE, you LINK:

Even a drunk can paste.

A digression: I looked up on google for these damn hawks and I found this instead:

This is about a man who shipped himself to Texas from New York. I want to talk about this in a later post. Just a reminder for myself!

Anyway, back to the hawks. So these hawks were going to be kicked out of their fancy homes, but these New Yorkers mounted this huge protest and so now the hawks don't have to go anywhere?

Hold on. I'm going to get another beer. (Thanks to Jason. Who is in Brooklyn right now with his girlfriend Wendi. Love Wendi. She's great. Both Wendi and Jason are great. But to the beer...)

Okay. Beer retrieved. Back to the post. So what about the homeless? You get the message. Who's mounting a huge protest to re-home the homeless?

It is fucking freezing in New York. I guess people do what they can.

Something else I was going to say.

I won't blog every night. I'm not that much of a drunk!

Oh yes. The Velvet Underground. I am listening to the Velvet Underground. So should you. As my friend Leslie would say, I'm a little obsessed with the Velvet Underground. We can mention people's names on a blog post? I love how it says "Publish Post" on the blogger interface. I've always wanted to be published. Is that too meta?

I was reading a film theory book today and Truffaut said that the future of film was the uber-personal. Many of his generation, their early films were depictions of their youth. 400 Blows and all that. I don't know if it is true. The American mainstream seems to be going that way: Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius (not a film, but au courant), Tarnation etc etc. But Truffaut also called Werner Herzog the greatest director of our time. (That would be in the 80's; coincidentally, the decade which Truffaut would die in.)

But that leads to me the best thing I came across today. A quote from Jean Renoir: "I hate the sanctity of suspense. It's a leftover from nineteenth-century romanticism."

If I ever see a book titled "The Sanctity of Suspense" I know they will have stolen it from my blog. And I will either sue you or kill you. Possibly both. Because I'm that kind of asshole.

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