Friday, December 17, 2004

Life or Limb

Okay. This is why I made this. I'm sick to my stomach. I'm not gonna puke. But I'm definitely drunk. DRUNK. The HERE AND NOW. I'm talking Hiking related amputations. Let's get serious here. I'm not a real hiker. I don't invision myself in a situation where I'd have to remove an extremity. Extremity in extremis. I got a piece of pizza at the Sicilian place off of Ditmars, and I burnt the roof of my mouth. Little dangly pieces of flesh.

There are crazy roommates afoot. In the city. In the boroughs.

Burroughs is derivative of Burgo. As in the Burgomeister. Burgos is the Spanish town I hope to be making my home in circa February to March 2005!

I was at the bar tonight. Ashley the bartender is going to Ireland; there was a karoake party in her honor. I just drank. Night.

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