Thursday, December 27, 2007

What's with Houston?

I check my sitemeter about once a week. It's just interesting to see where people are when they look my site. For a couple of months I was getting a lot of hits from Italy, people looking for the lyrics to Billy Joel's [title of song Deleted for purposes of taste and quality.] I usually get hits from NY, Pittsburgh, a few from Madrid, Massachusetts, a few from Korea--places where my friends are, and then the occasionally random places like Stockholm, Argentina, or the Philippines. Weirdly, there's always a hit from Houston, specifically the University of Houston server. Who's down there checking out the weirdness? Come on out of your spiderhole!

Btw, did I mention that not only am I perfect, I'm Finnish too. (I still don't know what that means.) Being half Finnish, half Jewish, I can't imagine one saying, "Not only am I Perfect, I'm Jewish too." It's definitely a weird Finnish thing.

Oh yes, in other news, Laogzed's world has been plunged into chaos in recent months, but it seems that things have settled down for the time being. It has to do with Gormo, collectivism and Christianity. All will be illuminatingly elucidated by Laogzed podcast in the near future (I hope!)

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