Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Ron Paul Episodes: IV(?)

On Monday, a person posted this on the "politics" page on the Denver Craigslist:

"[Ron Paul] and his message is the only one that I can endorse.
Limited govt, more individual liberty, fiscal responsibility, protected borders,
it just makes sense.
goverment the way our founders designed it to be. Of, by and for the people.
Its so refreshing to hear someone articulate this platform.
I dont really care about the polls, he's got my vote."

And so, for the first time, I decided to respond with Sloppy's post concerning this Presidential candidate.

And, interestingly enough, someone else responded to it with this:

"I live in Denver Colorado. I was raised here in Denver until I moved to Boulder in 1987. Boulder, even today is concidered a "hippy" town or a "yuppy" town.

My first year in Boulder I witnessed at least 2 gang related crimes. Bloods vs. Crips in Boulder 1987. When I was 17 I joined the Navy and ended up in San diego for school. Again, I witnessed gang crime on mission beach and again Bloods vs. Crips. The guy in Blue getting shot at for selling drugs in the wrong territory by the guy in Red. Scarry as hell. Then I was stationed in Philly. This town was the worst I'd ever witnessed myself. I watched a Crip in the downtown movie theater have his head blown off because the four Bloods sitting behind him didn't like him. During my year and a half in Philly. My car(RED) was stolen twice. My car trunk was forced open with a crow bar to steal my stereo and my roommate was mugged five times. When I recovered my car the second time(Without police help) Not only did the guy come looking for me(angry I'd stolen my own car back) But he also shot up my friends house where he knew I'd been. The news at the time was warning of three predominently black gangs in the philly, DC and New York areas, as well as the more famous LA Bloods and Crips.

I told you earlier that the police wouldn't help me get my car back. Well just to clairify. I knew where the car was through the friend who had his house shot up. I informed the police and they told me "If we pull someone over in the car we will return it to you, otherwise there is nothing we can do." So, I went and got it myself. This was in 1991. We all remember Icetea, NWA and the other gang rappers of the time telling us "pull out my gat(gun) bam bam.. DEAD mother F@#k$R" These guys made the kids want to be gang bangers. The LA riot was on april 2nd 1992.

I only point this out, because at the time when these things were said. The gang issue WAS out of control, there were National outcries. Not just in DC but ALL of the cities from DC to NY and LA. The television was telling everyone that these laws needed to updated. The police were doing nothing about the issue(Not that WE knew this). So, if the not so perfect Ron Paul jumped on the anti-gang band wagon like everyone did. Then so be it. knowbody is perfect. He would still make a better president then we have seen in over 100 years. I also doubt anyone could find a politition who wasn't on that band wagon in 1992. "

So, well, I don't know. I guess what I find most interesting about this is how responsive people are to this...I still see those hand-stenciled Ron Paul signs around town, and about how wonderful it is to have a grassroots effort such as that, but how misguided they might be. But I know I am too, because the candidate that I ultimately will endorse is not the perfect choice. But I guess that's what being a grown-up is all about...settling with these lowest common denominator choices and dealing more directly with the things in my life I can actually control.


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