Saturday, December 29, 2007

Mp3 players that record audio and have a ton of memory

I have a very large music library. It is nearing 300 GB. It's ridiculous. But that's the reality. In a few months I will be back on a payroll, and so I am contemplating purchases. All I want is a decent laptop--only for listening to music, basic internet use, and word processing. That's easy. But what I'm looking for is a magical Mp3 device that will let me upload TONS of music and also let me record on the fly.

ANd I don't give a damn about how big the LCD screen is. My 1st edition nanopod's LCD screen is as big and nifty as I could wish for. But it seems like all the rage is LCD screens? What's up with that? Kurosaw and Herzog don't translate so well at that size. Though getting this up on my iPod:

would be sweeeet. But never mind that, LCD playback drains on the battery--gimme music, gimme recording--I don't give a damn about the rest!!!!

So, I will come back to this after I do some research. For about $400 dollars I can get 160GB player by Archos. It looks very nice--and man, the field is so competitive that you'd figure that somebody would get their price down below the 160gb iPod Classic! The strategy of the manufactures seem to be to add more features. And I want a particular feature, line-in recording, and ability to play lossless formats would be nice too. But I wish there was a streamlined player with good PC interface, lots of playback options and a freakin' line in for recording! And shitty mic for kicks.

All I have to do is upload my bootlegged copy of Sony Vegas and I can make tunes without nothing but my index finger! Keep me posted.

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