Monday, December 31, 2007

My Band.

My Band

by Dan Jackson

put-out ads for music collabs
to what end
non-noodly, psychedelic visual rock
that's spiritual, space-prioritized
Irony/ironed buzzy post-apocalyptic

Jaco Pastorious meets Dishwasher hum

Jimi Hendrix with
no limbs except his
left-arm to strum
3 worn strings and his tongue
to press on the keys

Larry David with the soul
of Chuck Berry

Roy Orbison heard from
a mile away and
minimal amplification +
a continuous splash
of freshly oozed-out
Jello products.

Gelatinized Mudhoney
produced by Tricky

Lou Reed on life support

Sonny Sharrock plus Zelda

Arvo Part wins Eurovision
Produces new Justin Timberlake

The accrued tinnitus of a
billion iPod users, mid-
passed filtered to a
soothing, modulating,
variable rate wave.
Plus crispy hi-hats and
Smokey Robinson with a
very bad sinus infection

Russian Polka Techno
minus the Roland
beats and the
accordion. Bag Pipes
are fine.

Steve Albino/Bernie Worrell
vanity project

North Korea Stadium Tango

Sound good?

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