Saturday, May 19, 2007

Yee gads: Tim Russert versus the English Language

(I think some day I may completely come to resemble my blogger avatar.)

Anyhow, digby digs this up:

I don’t think the English language has yet found the words to describe the pain and anguish we felt that day.
---Tim Russert, about 9/11, of course.
So true. There has never been something so traumatic in the history of the English language. Just as they said the Holocaust was the end of art, 9/11 is the end of language.

Anyhow, Russert goes on about how he doesn't use his horn so much anymore.

He'll probably get along real well with Dave Thomas. But I hope Gene Roddenberry kicks him in the balls.

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Anonymous said...

i'm just glad to know that there haven't been any influential women in his life.