Friday, May 04, 2007

Take this John Barr!

"t|-|1rt3en waY5 Oph lOokINg /-\T A BlAckbir|)
8y W41lAce STE\/Ens

amonG 7\/\/enty z|\|oWy mpunt^|N$,
7hE 0|\||y [V]0\/|N& t|-||NG
waZ The Eye o4 ~|~hE bl@cKbIRd.


1 \/\/as O4 ~|~HReE [V]iN|)s,
1ik3 a 7ree
1n wh|ch T|-|3RE Ar3 thrEE b|_4cK8iRdz.


~|~|-|e B|@ckbIrD whIR|3|) 1n The au7uMn wINDs.
it waZ a sm/-\l|_ P/-\rt of The pan~|~O/\/\i^^E.


/-\ m@N ^n|) a w0[]V[]^N
/-\re ONE.
a maN anD a WOM@n 4|\|d A B|_Ack8ird
Ar3 oNe.


1 @p not k|\|oW wh1ch 7o prepher,
~|~he Be@U~|~y OF InflEct!pn$
Or th3 beaUty O4 iNnUenDo3s,
~|~h3 81Ac|<

A7 t|-|e S!G|-|7 oF b1aCkbirDz
FLy!n6 in A Green 1i6ht,
evEN ~|~hE 8@wDz Oph eUPhOny
WouLd cRy 0Ut sHaRpLy.


he roD3 pVer cpnn3cTIcU7
|n 4 g|_/-\sz CO@ch.
0NCe, A FEar Pi3rce@ H1/\/\,
IN ~|~hAt HE /\/\i5~|~O0k
ThE Zha|)0w of H1Z EqUIp/-\g3
for BLAc|<8|RDs.


thE r1\/3r 1z /\/\O\/i|\|g.
the 8L@ckBIrd mUZT 83 ph1yi|\|&.


17 \/\/As even1ng Al| a4TeRNOon.
|T waZ sNoWing
AND !~|~ W4s gpInG tO zNoW.
the bl@ck|31r|) S4t
in THE ced4r-li[V]|3s."

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Anonymous said...

send this to john barr!!!

-pittsburgh, pa