Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Celebration.

There are, or I should say, there were, many adventure/puzzle games that Lucasarts came out with in the nineties. In my uneducated opinion, they were all great. My brother, sister and I played most of them, those being Sam and Max, Day of the Tentacle, and most importantly, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. The king of games.
Being the classic slacker/nerd that I was back then, I loved the spectacle of Indiana Jones, and getting this game, which I’m pretty sure I bought at a Best Buy, begging my Father that I could get it, I was entranced. Finally, I could be my hero, my alter-ego of the mind.
Back then, we had out first real IBM-DOS computer, and my brother had taught himself everything about it. So, soon enough, he had it up and running, even though I think the technical specifications went beyond what our computer had…I think. We were always having trouble getting games to work on our computer, very frustrating, but console-based video games were usually not enough for us, we needed games with more substance, style...not something some giant conglomeration of a company spit out like day-old cheese.
Anyways, the best part of this game is that you have three options of gameplay- a thinking way, a team way, and a fighting way. I naturally chose the latter, wanting to get all the fightin’ action that Indiana Jones was famous for. And let me tell you, it was hard, fighting the Nazi’s in the caves at then end of the game was incredibly challenging, but in the end was totally worth it. Indiana gets the girl, saves the world, so on and so on!
The guy, whose name I forgot, who played Indian Jones’ voice, does an incredible job of voice acting. He doesn’t really sound anything like Harrison Ford, but he does a great job of imitating Indiana’s pessimistic smirks and manly one-liners. Early on in the game, you find a wad of gum to be used a tool of some sort, and every time you click on it in your inventory, he says, “Sure is gooey.” My sister and I must have clicked on that gum a million times!
So, if you like a game that has fantastic action, interesting and often mind bending puzzles and traps, great storyline and a great script, with fun voice acting and characterizations, than this game is definitely worth your time downloading.


Amelia said...

Seriously...you should review classic video games!

I love all the new contributors - this blog just keeps getting angrier and sloppier - in a good way!

sarcasmus said...

what do you mean, in a good way? it's always good. I direct your attention to the Star Trek Episode 25: This Side of Paradise. To refresh your memory, the crew of the Enterprise are drugged by a parasitical flower that makes them feel all "happy" and "peaceful." Even Kirk succumbs to the effects of this evil plant. But not for long, for Kirk quickly discovers that anger is antidote to disillusion and euphoria. He zaps everyone with a subsonic anger ray and everyone quickly sobers-up.

(Yes I'm obsessed with Star Trek at the moment.)