Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Car seats and Chest hair.

Until a couple of days ago, Meyer's car seat was in the middle of the backseat. This is the safest position for a car seat, since yer protected on all sides, obviously. So, a couple of days ago, his car seat was in the middle and Amelia and I were putting our young human into it- adjusting the harness, giving him toys to occupy himself with, making requisite goofy faces, etc...it was a cold night, and we wanted to get home. We had just attended a small art opening in a posh Denver neighborhood. The art was done by the 11 year-old daughter and 15 year-old son of of one of the attorney's at the law firm where Amelia works. The art was gobs of paint in the forms of hearts on square and rectangular wood blocks. Some had two hearts, some three, some were festooned with bobby pins and needles and they had titles like, "scorn," or "two of a kind," or something like that- anyway, I was promised free food and wine. So, the three us looked at the hearts, ate and drank some, gawked at the prices- 45-100 dollars or so each...and finally decided to leave. Which we did. If I'm going to buy art, the artist better be old enough to drink or fight in a war...
So, back to the car seat. As we were seating him, I looked across the street, where there was a beautiful house, huge, wooden and modern, the doors and windows open, and it glittered to me like a very tiny sun. I looked to my smiling but sleepy son, and uttered to him, someday...and then I noticed a man. He was standing in front of the southern second story window. Like I said, all the lights were on and so he cast a strong, dark silhouette. He was tall and skinny, seemed to be a little younger than me, but not by much. He was staring down at us. I asked Amelia if that guy was staring down at us. She said she thought he was. It was starting to get kind of creepy. We got into the car and Amelia started to point at him as he kept staring at us. Amelia honked the horn of the car twice. The man lifted up his shirt, exposing his chest. We burst out laughing. I rolled down the window, yelled out, "Hide your shame!" and peeled out.

A couple of days later, I had to take my Dad, stepmom, her son and girlfriend to the airport. To fit all of them and their luggage, I had to take the car seat out. When I went to put it back in later that day, I couldn't get it to stay tight and safe in the middle seat of my car- the seatbelt is broken I think. I got very angry about this for some reason. Amelia told me I should put the car seat on one of the sides. So I put it in the seat behind the driver seat, where it is very secure. And it works out for us this week, cause we're moving and this configuration allows for more cargo space in my car.

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Amelia said...

Seriously, I've never been that freaked out by the sight of a guy's nipples. Thanks for reliving the moment for me, my love!

And thank you for the flowers! Happy Valentine's Day angry and sloppy!