Thursday, March 02, 2006


I've arrived in Dnever-never land. I'll have Martha pictures (the nihilist white turkey) soon.

I miss all my New York friends terribly already. I'm in my mother's house. I'm doing my laundry. I don't have access to broadband. But that's probably good. I'd just download free music all day.

I will petition for addresses from the sympathetic, the curious, and the likeminded that I have come across in my travels in an individual email. I'm hoping to learn something from all of this. I think I am. I hope I am not going to learn something I didn't want to learn. Or maybe that's good. I don't know. I'm really at a loss right now. I have to crawl out of this hole and see what I find.


Anonymous said...

dylan on the stereo "boots of spanish leather." what up danver dan? there is snow & slush on the streets of astoria tonight.


Empress Girl said...

on wednesday i thought, "bet dan's in colorado now." it was a sad thought.

we are tired. but jason is wearing his grandpappy sweater, and piper's being extra sexy.

Anonymous said...


don't tell wendi, but last night while she was taking a tub piper seduced me.

sarcasmus said...

that dirty dirty sexy filthy dog. You're only human, can't be helped.

ApocolypseEngine said...

It's too bad Dan hates it here in Denver so bad. If I wasn't such a shit-kickin, pabst-drinkin, uneducated, unwashed, big-belt-buckle wearin, cow-pokin, cattle-rustlin, chew-spittin, c'boy hat wearin, wrestlin-watchin, wife-beatin, kid-slappin, highschool-shootin, flannel-worshippin, back-country, sister-sex-havin, twangy-jug-band listenin, Focus on the Family-ophile, then I might get offended that we're viewed by Mr. Jackson in such a derogatory light. But then, I'd have to pull my privates out of a sheep's bottom long enough to have brains to even consider it. I guess its lucky that we're so mud-minded, dim-witted and plebian...that way we don't realize how sociologically inept and un-hip we really are. Please Dan, don't disrupt our paradigm with fables of a land where people "have fun" or "have intelligent conversation" or "don't blather on in endless run-on sentences". We're blearily resigned to the bleak countdown unto Dirtnap, and may be difficult to extract from our cultural vaccuum.