Sunday, March 19, 2006

Hey! it's Dan

Hey! how is going? I know I haven't talked to you in awhile. Man, life has been weird lately. I've been listening to my iPod alot. I said a funny joke the other day. I said, you know, I like that I've downloaded a billion different music things off of limewire and I don't really have musical taste anymore. I just listen to whatever is on my iPod. The bands I used to listen to used to be integral to my identity. Like, I would say, "I only listen to Sonic Youth and Wire, everything else is derivative." My brother was around when I said that. It was a joke. But it's kind of true. And it was funny! We laughed! Wire was kinda the Velvet Underground of the 70's (do not dispute this! It's true, trust me.) Sonic Youth was kinda the Velvet Underground of the 80's. And Velvet Underground was the The Velvet Underground of the 60's. But we're sorta beyond that. But what was the Velvet Underground of the 90's? Why, The Beatles of course!

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the king of um said...

maybe the velvet underground of the 90s was Bec-------

(choking sound)