Thursday, March 16, 2006


Everything else is derivative.


air oh! said...

o what a pearl
what a well made world

sarcasmus said...

nice link. I haven't heard Chair's Missing, is it good? When I get money I plan to buy their entire catalog.

bad moony morn said...

chairs missing may even be better, in that it's still pretty minimal and pretty punk, but with the creepiness and wacked out experimentalism (and loads of effects and keyboards) slipping in all around the edges. where 154 is pretty new wave in its avantgardeisms. they were on the steady slide into the 'keyboard and drum machine' band they'd become in the late 80s.

really, all three of these are amazing. and there's nothing NECESSARILY wrong with drum machines or keyboards. though Robert Gotobed is an awesome drummer, and their drum machines were pretty wack, as most non-rap 80s beats were i guess.

i like most of the 80s stuff well also though- i first encountered them via A Bell Is A Cup Until It Is Struck, which I bought on vinyl, with my mom, who was appalled by the pink jacket with the horse's head/filing cabinet art. I still think it's an amazing album, all soft squishy treated guitars in layer after layer of unsettling mush, and lyrics like "drag my canal, you saucy old salt" providing the closest thing to pop they ever got. RU intends to cover "The Queen of Ur and the King of Um" one of these days.

The Ideal Copy is also a remarkable album, though on first listen it's not hard to hear its dated 80s-ness primarily. But they never sounded much like anyone but themselves, and a second listen reveals some amazing bizarreness. including an acapella song about jaundice and airplanes and ambulances.