Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Big Wide World

Here's an interesting quote from the The Iranian, taken completely out of context:

The reason for my nausea in the optimistic shinny-happy nature of the herd who believes that by leveling the pyramid from the bottom up, and by radically violating the rights of the stronger in the interest of the mediocre caught in the center of the bell-curve, they can be just, or right, or righteous is that it is essentially a pragmatic lie as an instrument in the hand of word-mongrels who hope to come to power through a sophist-icated advert designed to fool the eye-candy-addicted populace in the year of election. But I do recognize the need to go easy on the pubescent when attempting to tell them about the birds and the bees, or enlighten them, and in that sense, I am absolutely for a slow-moving reform. In that vein, if the name Republic makes it go down easier, then I am all for rationing and rationalizing the truth in small doses and I respect and begin to talk to you as an equal with that in mind.

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