Saturday, January 15, 2005

Mission of Burma

I've sort of lost focus on this whole blog thing. Maybe when I get to Spain I'll get back into the groove. Or maybe I should just forget it. It's not like a blog is an alive thing. It's pretty dead. Even the popular blogs are pretty static. Not like cinema. Blogs are just dead bodies. Corpses with writing on it. Or maybe I'm stuck in the past. I guess that's why I wanted to write a blog, to see if I was stuck in the past. Not all new things are great. Some new things are essentially stupid, but somehow because everybody injects so much enthusiasm into it that they seem alive. But then once the enthusiasm wans, the thing goes cold and blue again. I think that's the problem with blogs. They are so disposable. Who reads old blogs? Maybe someday there will be a blogger that the entire country has to read. A Pushkin in blog form. But hardly anybody will read this text. It doesn't really matter what I write. At least a journal I know nobody will ever read. And when I write fiction, I write it hoping someday it will be published, or at least somehow spread and enjoyed by other people. Maybe publishing as we know it will eventually die, then books, then any writing that is meant to last.

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