Sunday, July 13, 2008

Korea: Seoul, Shinchon, Dr. Beans, the best coffee in Seoul?; fuzzy nights out, long exposure times, criminals, teachers, and criminal teachers

That's a view from my dorm-apartment. Here are some experiments with long exposures:

I was excited to see that there was a Velvet Underground Bar in Shinchon. Hugely excited. We learned that it had been closed for at least three years. A disapointment. The Doors bar is pretty cool, though.

That is Andy. As you can see, he is a criminal. But he lent me money is my only ally in the office as of yet.

"Dr. Beans" is a coffee shop in Shinchon. It's probably the best coffee in Seoul. I'm addicted.

Drinking in Gangnam. Just like old times.


Anonymous said...

I'm happy you're there because you look happy that you're there....Awsome...are you thinking about flying out to see the olympics??


sarcasmus said...

i hadn't even considered it. thing is, i've already done the beijing thing, and i don't feel the need to go back. also, i'm not really into the olympics. although i'm sure it'd be pretty interesting.

yeah, it's good to be living the seoul life.

Anonymous said...

i'm a little freaked out dan. you look so ghostly. not just pale, but translucent. i think you need to eat more bbq and bibimbop.

beijing would only add to your palour.