Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ajossi naps and other Seoul phenomena. Updated with notes

Let me explain for those who don't know Korea. (I'm sure this happens in other countries as well, but...) in Korea often the soju is swizzled until you stagger, stupor, and, well, you have to take a little nap. And you can just do it anywhere. Especially if you are ajossi (which means "married man," or "older man--to be respected," or simply "sir.")

This is one of my favorite bars. It's one of two Woodstock bars in Gangnam, but by far the superior. It is close to where I used to live, and I stopped by Friday night. That's Mr. Kim and Heather. Mr. Kim is very particular about his classic rock. He usually let's me listen to David Bowie, and if it's a slow night, Velvet Underground.

I know this is tasteless, shades of Abu-Ghraib. But what can I say. It's standard operating procedure in Seoul.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the notes! i was beginning to think that you had a friend named ajossi with a soju induced narcolepsy problem. isn't passing out on the streets kind of like finland where there are couches outside of fancy party rooms where the prez. and other dignitaries can go to take a little snooze after having a few too many vodkas and herring?