Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sarcasmus and The New Mongol Influence

So, upon closer examination with phot-imaging software, what is this that I detect?

Burgeoning facial hair? Or drinking too much of the camel blood and milk concoction the nomads gave you in their yurt on the steppe? Hmmmm...interesting, who can tell? As you all may know, it takes yer average Jackson Male at least fifteen years' time to grow any sort of socially acceptable facial hair.

Here's our Father's 'stache, enhanced with photo-manipulation software:

He grew it over thirty years ago, and he will never shave it off...because he knows it will take too long...if you get what I mean...

I wonder...was it more full a few weeks ago, and you shaved it off as some sort of dowry for a Mongolian princess, and her father was so insulted by its wispiness you had to speed across the lowlands in a stolen Yugo?

The mind races with possibilities...

While I know I can't grow a 'stache, I've been growing these muttonchops since High School...just look at them beauties!

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