Thursday, July 05, 2007


I have been informed by Sloppy/Sarcasmus that due to the enormous politicking crapola that has surfaced in modern-day China, he is censored from accessing this blog while sojourning there. So, for now he has instructed me in updating and passing along picos that he has taken...

hey, I'm in China. i'm not sure, but it appears that the chinese government has blocked blogger, so I can't post. so maybe you could put a note up on A&S that thod and sarcasmus are experiencing political censoring.

I responded:
It's really cool to me that you guys are experiencing something that I read about. maybe I'll write about that. cool.

Well, it is. As some of you may know, I really wanted to go with sarcasmus and thod on their trip, but this guy:

had other ideas. not that I mind, by any means. But I would like to take him to China someday. Maybe they can show him around. (sorry for the always gratuitous pic/gush of Meyer...but you know...shit...being a parent, you know? huh.)

Anyway, I think it is high time someone do something about this government in China. Suggestions?

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mother jumpers!