Saturday, March 17, 2007

is there?

Slopmaster Sarcasmus's Update:

here's the link to Doug. I mean Mars.


sarcasmus said...

Is there life on Doug?

Did you mean to link to the story about the caves they found on Mars? You know what they say, no caves, no cave-men.

Anonymous said...

uh yah. can you hear me major tom? there's been some technical glitches again.

stevewe5twood said...

Cave amoeba maybe. Does this work - I'm trying to work it out, bein a troglodyte myself. Alright Mr MorDant, the Dantasm.. Pagoda's finest (after me). BTW some Scandinavian geezer called Svensmark reckons CO2 isn't the cause of global warming. Apparently we're not getting enough cosmic rays and there's shit-all we can do about it so I can chainsmoke with a clear conscience.. Steve