Monday, September 04, 2006

Timoth Treadwell of the Mind (and of the Lizards)

Basic Office Conversations:

Conversation 1:
A: Kelly, what's the word on the focus group?
B: I'm on top of it, they will be here at 3:30.
A: Which product will we be testing today?
B: They will sample our new lotion and fill out our survey.
A: Kelly, please do me a favor?
B: Sure, what can I do for you?
A: When you have time, can you balance the Kim books?
B: Sure, I'll do it right away.

Focus group: Before a market launch of a new product, some companies use focus groups (a sample of people that fit the target demographic profile of their target market). Usually multiple (more than one) focus group is used.

They will normally test a product and give their opinions and the company will make changes according to the focus group survey.

A Survey is a questionnaire that a company will ask to see how people feel about products, issues, etc.

*When the boss says, "When you have time", it means to do it right away.

Conversation 2:
A: What's my schedule for the day?
B: You have a 2:15
A: Will you clear my schedule and hold my calls?
B: It's done, anything else I can do for you?
A: No, that'll be all, thank you.
B: Where shall I say you'll be?
A: I'll be at the plant, there was a power outage there.
B: Will do.

Clear my schedule means cancel all the day's appointment.
Hold my Calls – Take messages or forward calls to voice mail.

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