Friday, September 29, 2006

Fascism and Sci-Fi Part 2: Life on Tattoine

Time now for life on Tattoine on the hopes that our own viewers might be uplifted by the comparison and enriched with the gratitude of relief:

Now that we live in unabashed fascist times, it's time to look at our escapism to see how we got here. I believe that George Lucas' self-suppressed Star Wars Holiday Special is unintended commentary and anecdote to the propagandistic original movie series.

The Empire has Shut Us Down!

Listen! The words of Bea Arthur are a clarion call to arms.

Run a tab for the Empire!

This cultural artifact contains the buried memory of America; before we were choking on whatever it is we are choking on now.

As the Koreans say, Even if you roll in a field of excrement, this world is better than the next.

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