Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Two quick ones about everything

Is google God?

Via my tracker I found out somebody found this page searching google for "danny jackson aurora colorado." My mind sorts of races figuring who that might be. It could be hundreds if not thousands of people. But who? Who who?

Who knows, but If I googlism my name I get this:

dan jackson is a navajo silversmith best known for his overlay work featuring dramatic weaving designsdan jackson is president and coo for deepnines technologiesdan jackson is working on the september meeting arrangementsdan jackson is heading up a committee to review and revise virginia council bylawsdan jackson is a lock at a 174 poundsdan jackson is the losdan jackson is a friend of mine from mud'ingdan jackson is hotdan jackson is married with two kids and writes for the local paper in aberdeendan jackson is sponsored bydan jackson is the name on the fake id that i decided to carry to this gigdan jackson is rightdan jackson is the city's building officialdan jackson is working with hunter phillipsdan jackson is preparing todan jackson is at the control valvedan jackson is in his fifteenth year as director of the mtdan jackson is a robust neb nugentdan jackson is no stranger to albertadan jackson is still trying to get mrdan jackson is once again backstage with an interviewdan jackson is in brinkhavendan jackson is quoted as sayingdan jackson is very confused and needs your helpdan jackson is featured in this video

Update: Googlism Poetry! (It's Finnish, too!?)

viking ships
Compiled 8/22/2006 8:13:43 AM GMT
viking ships gropes for to promoteviking ships fiddles a really fun bookviking ships cannot spean of built on a solid keelviking ships is draped by to build it on a solid keelviking ships feeds true?viking ships colours true ? aviking ships goes to also plannedviking ships is wrought with the drakkarviking ships encounters painted from a maquetteviking ships drowns in considered a masterpiece of shipbuildingviking ships waits for a well known factviking ships reflects upon natural part of a trip to roskildeviking ships ends with well known from their description in nordic sagas and numerous finds of preserved wrecks and ships that were put in the burialviking ships plants here on a trailer alsoviking ships swells on another matter altogetherviking ships displays pretty coolviking ships speaks of to build it onviking ships departs not in itself a 'viking' boat

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