Monday, August 14, 2006

An Angry and Sloppy Meditation on Nihilism and Anti-semitism

My two favorite isms (not favortisms) are Nihilism and Anti-semitisms! Why?! Because when I can' t think of any other reason why the world exhists, I can invoke either Nihilism and Anti-semitism! Sometimes it seems like they are both the same things! (Especially when you are a nihilist Jew!) But maybe there needs to be some calm investigation of this matter! Let's take a breath! Let's step back and be a little rational!!!!!!! First of all ANTI-SEMITISM(!!!??!?!?):

First of all, the Semites are Arabic persons(!?!?!?!) But somehow, when you are Anti-semitic, you are suddenly only hateful towards Jews! (Lucky Arabs who are Anti-semitic are not considered Self-hating!) How did things get this way?!? Are not the Jews and Arabs descended from the same genetic stock, and same geographic area--the Arabian Peninsula? Why are the Christians who hate Islamofascists not anti-semitic who also love the Jewslamo-fascists? Am I so silly and ridiculous for thinking this?

And what is a Nihilist? Somebody who doesn't see the opportunities in all the crisises that we make? A naysayer?

Okay, Sarcasmus, cut the strange Sarcasm for a second. For years we heard that to question the reason for Israel's existence, was tantamount to thinking that the Holocaust wasn't so bad. Thankfully, Mel Gibson has made that comparison a little less silly. Everything has gone topsyturvy. In the Joe Lieberman, the Jewish Moral Compass, view of the world, everything was making just TOO much sense. Yes, Joe Lieberman let Bush kiss him, but he never let Bush split his lips and taste his saliva. (Nor did he inhale!) But seriously, now. Is questioning things like this a reason to bring up the Holocaust? Do I need to say it? Two wrongs etc??????!!!!!!!!


Who's the real nihilist? The guy who doesn't think that reshaping the Middle East to Exxon's vision can work?

Or this:



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